Amit Children Magazine

Four Generations of Women - Amit Children Magazine


The Four Generations photo on the front cover of the Spring 2015 Amit Children Magazine.

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Outside Magazine

Big Shot Bikes featured in the online version of Outside Magazine with work I shot about 2 years ago.


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Entrepreneur Magazine



My client, Big Shot Bikes was featured in the October 2013 issue of Entrepreneur Magazine using images I shot for them.

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Giant Photo Booth Style Family Portraits

Giant Family Photobooth Portraits

Giant Photobooth Style Family Portraits


Awhile back, there was a movie starring David Duchovny called “The Joneses” about a family that moves into a suburban neighborhood. I never saw it myself, but my wife saw a still from the movie of the staircase in the Jones’ home of an interesting series of family portraits and we decided to re-create it for our own staircase.

We set up for photos and tried to get a range of expressions for all of us from serious, to silly. Once the photography was done, we picked the best expressions, did the edits, including a vignetting effect to mimic the look of the old-school photo booths. I arranged the photos in Photoshop including the black borders and was ready to take it to the printer. I ended up getting 60″ by roughly 16″ prints done on bonded engineering paper at Office Depot using the inkjet paper. A note, if you decide to take on this project yourself, be sure to get samples made from the printer before you buy. I went to three different office places before I found one that printed using an inkjet printer that could handle photo-quality. The prints, for all four were only $15. By far the cheapest portion of the project.

After getting the prints, I bought 48″x96″ sheets of half-inch black foam core board and a sheet bonding product by 3M. I carefully mounted the prints to the foam core and trimmed the excess away leaving me with tidy-looking prints on the foam core. I used a strong double-sided tape to mount the assembly to the walls following the slope of the stairs. This project would also look great mounted squared up on a large, blank wall.

Blue Steel! Mounted on half-inch foam core board.

An impressive and striking way to do a family portrait

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Generations Frame Photo

Generations Frame Photo

Four Generations in one photo. Frames within frames.

This image was made with each subject (except the child) holding a large frame with a white piece of paper behind the glass. After the photography, edits were made to each image and Photoshop used to nest each subsequent image into the frame Once the print was made, it was mounted into the same frame used in the photos to complete the effect.

This Generations within Frames photo is a very unique and meaningful way to capture the memory of that special time when young and old could come together.

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Thanks for visiting

Hi! Thanks for visiting the new Pegboard Media & Photography site. My name is Curtis Durham and I am a photographer. My main area of focus is on product and commercial imagery, but I also enjoy working in other areas as well.

I hope to use this blog to showcase my most current work and give readers (and clients) an idea of what I do and what I’m capable of.

Are you in need of photography? Please use the Contact page and get in touch. I’d love to discuss your project with you.

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